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Inspect your WordPress

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What elements does InspectWP check?

  • Full Website Audit
  • Everything about WordPress
  • Security Check / Audit
  • SEO Check / Audit
  • GDPR Check / Audit
  • Detect Content-Management-System
  • Content Audit
  • XML-Sitemap Detector
  • RSS-Feed Detector
  • Detect Webmaster-Tools & Analyzing-Tools
  • Get IP of Website
  • Detect Google Fonts
WordPress analysis illustration

WordPress analysis / audit

InspectWP relieves you of as much of the work of a WordPress audit as possible: It reads out a lot of information from a website, especially a WordPress website, and analyzes and evaluates it. After a few seconds you will automatically receive a detailed, beautifully prepared WordPress audit report. Find out, for example, which WordPress version is being used, whether the RSS feed or REST API is activated, or which plugins and themes the WordPress website was created with.

WordPress plugins and theme detector

With the InspectWP tool you can find out which plugins and themes the analyzed WordPress website uses. You will receive all information about the plugins used, such as price, version number, author, plugin website and whether there are known security gaps for the plugins.
The theme is also recognized as to whether it is a child theme or no child theme is in use.
This makes it easy to find out how the WordPress website was implemented.

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Analyze your competitors website illustration

Analyze your competitor's website

Not only the technical condition and the SEO check are carried out, but this tool also recognizes the webmaster, marketing and newsletter tools used on a website. Use it to examine your competitor websites and find out, for example, whether they use Google Search Console, Bing Webmaster Tools, ahrefs, or other SEO and marketing tools.

Security Check

During the security check, several technical factors are checked, such as an encrypted connection via SSL/HTTPS or whether there are known security gaps in the plugins/themes. In addition, it is checked whether and how the HTTP security headers are set.

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GDPR check your website illustration

GDPR Check

The GDPR check of this tool checks whether the website is GDPR compliant. It is checked whether, for example, requests are sent to non-European servers without the prior consent of the visitor. Well-known examples are Gravatar, Google Analytics, Google Maps or Google Fonts.

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